Over twenty years in a variety of sales roles in combination with hours and hours of sales and voice training has provided me with a great body of knowledge and experience to call upon as I deliver your message with persuasive impact. My time as a pharmaceutical representative is particularly advantageous to your commercial message, as the endless training I received revolved heavily around 30 to 60 second sales calls. In fact, my sales presentations were frequently complimented for their conversational tone and their effectiveness. Additionally, my extensive training in pharmaceuticals enhances an innate ability to narrate medical and technical copy.

Like everyone else in this business, I’ve heard countless times that my voice belongs in commercials or entertainment. In my case, a lot of that has to do with a great many dialects and impressions that I've developed over the years while entertaining family and friends. Clearly this ability comes in handy for voice over projects of all kinds, from commercials to audio-books to entertainment applications.

I recognize how important your investment in voice talent is. It goes well beyond getting "the right voice" for your project. It's about that voice over artist's professionalism and attention to exceptional customer service. It is my goal to ensure that you are exceedingly pleased with the results of the work I do for you as I hope that you'll seek my services again and again, and that you will be confident when referring my work to your colleagues. I invite you to review my demos and contact me at your convenience to see how I can help make your project a great success.

My very best regards,

Robert Churchfield, Jr
Studio 603-525-3121